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Here at AutomotionUK we are delighted to offer you Pearl Car Care products and Pearl Paint Protection.

Pearl Paint Protection is the ultimate paintwork protection system offering protection against weather induced fading, damaging acid rain, oxidization, loss of gloss and UV deterioration. Follow the link above or the right to learn more about this fantastic product.


We offer a wide range of cleaning and care products for your vehicle. Trade enquiries are welcomed. Please EMAIL US for our great combined postage rates on multiple product orders.




Pearl Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Non Acidic) is an advanced gentle but tough Non-Acid alloy wheel cleaning formula which rapidly removes brake dust, corrosion and traffic film from the most intricate and elaborate maintained wheel designs leaving them ultra clean and shiny. Totally user friendly this revolutionary non-acidic  formula is more powerful than all its non-acidic competitors but gentle enough for use on all finishes including chrome and painted wheels.

We recommend this product for our BMW wheels, the Veloce XS.

Directions for use: Spray or sponge onto wheel, leave for 5 minutes to penetrate and wash off thoroughly with clean water. May require agitation for sterner ingrained substances.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £4.25 + VAT


Pearl Alloy Wheel Protector provides a hard protective barrier against the harmful effects of brake dust and other contaminants keeping the wheels cleaner for longer and making them easier to clean. A totally propellant free application forms a hard transparent barrier against environmental pollutants ensuring brake dust, road tar and traffic film do not bond to wheel, alloys stay gleaming and are easy to clean.

Direction for use: Using a soft clean cloth apply light and even coating to thoroughly dry wheels. Allow to dry thoroughly to form transparent barrier.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £6.80 + VAT


Pearl Tyre Sheen completely revitalises the look of dull and weathered tyres, bumpers, external rubber and trims giving a natural new appearance. Tyre sheen will transform the appearance of your tyres, enhance the overall look of your vehicle and repel water restoring rubber to a natural look. Fully weather resistant giving long lasting finish. First class versatility gives excellent results on tyres, plastics, vinyls and trims, improving appearance and sealing against traffic film, moisture and dust. Superb detailing capability for all engine hoses, external rubber, plastic and vinyl materials.

Directions for use: Apply directly to clean, dry surface using a trigger spray or alternatively with a cloth or sponge before allowing to dry.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £4.25 + VAT




Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an extremely versatile concentrated non caustic water soluble multi purpose detergent. This outstanding car cleaning product is a first class car interior cleaner, but is equally effective cleaning car engine components, paintwork, walls and floors and is safe to use on most surfaces. Uniquely versatile simply apply a higher concentrate to effortlessly clean oily engine bay compartments and dilute accordingly to suit requirements for other dirty surfaces. First class solution effortlessly removes engine oil from all patio and driveway surfaces to bring surface back to just laid look.

Directions for use: Apply with spray, brush or sponge, can be diluted with up to 80 parts of water for lightly soiled areas. Rinse off with water and wipe dry.



Pearl Deodouriser is Unlike traditional air fresheners which only mask odours, this advanced formula completely eliminates bad odours from the air and leaves vehicles with a fresh smelling interior.

Direction for use: Spray onto affected area and allow to dry.


500ml bottle OUR PRICE £5.10 + VAT


Pearl Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a quick acting carpet and upholstery cleaner which also eradicates heavy ingrained stains and odours caused by drinks, oil, various foods, blood, chocolate, grease and traffic soiling.

Directions for use: Apply either directly to the surface to be cleaned or onto a clean dry cloth and wipe area thoroughly. For ingrained heavy soiling agitate with a soft brush.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £4.25 + VAT


Pearl Leather Cleaner has been exclusively developed with high performance, specially formulated blend of detergents that do not alter the original properties of  the leather or its finish. Fully endorsed by the country's leading valeting companies and car club enthusiasts throughout the UK who use our Leather Care to professionally clean thousands of classic cars, vintage cars and elite vehicles on a daily basis, throughout the United Kingdom. Uniquely blended, it tenderly cares for and gently cleans, leaving leather supple and resistant to surface cracking. An absolute must for motorcycle enthusiasts to maintain protective leather wear ensuring it retains its safety qualities. A first class performer for all manner of leather types; including upholstery, handbags, saddles, harnesses and boots. (except nubuck and suede)

Directions for use: Simply apply either directly to surface to be cleaned or onto a dry clean cloth. Then using a gentle circular motion with a cloth clean the leather and allow to dry thoroughly. On ingrained heavy soiling agitate gently with a soft brush

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £8.50 + VAT


Pearl Leather Protector provides outstanding leather protection, weatherproofing against the natural elements and protecting against manufactured substances  such as food greases and beverages. Protects and cares for the leather upholstery and trim with valuable oils that protect the natural properties of the leather. The leather is freshened and the typical smell of leather is retained. Ideal for all leather seats, trims and protective leather wear.

Directions for use: Simply apply either directly to the surface which has been cleaned and allowed to dry or onto a dry clean cloth. Then using a gentle circular motion with a clean cloth apply a thin invisible coat to the leather surface  and allow to dry thoroughly. (Not suitable for suede or alcantara).

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £9.99 + VAT


Pearl Glass Sparkle is specially formulated for the fast and effective removal of of grime, grease, adhesives and traffic film from both the interior and exterior of windows to give a crystal clear, smear free finish. A universal silicon free high performance liquid glass cleaner.

Directions: Simply spray on glass or apply with a cloth and wipe with a dry cloth.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £3.40 + VAT



Pearl Shine Car Shampoo has been uniquely blended with formulated detergents and surfactants to gently and effortlessly remove ingrained dirt and grime to leave the ultimate deep lasting shine. Used regularly Pearl Shine Shampoo elimainates the need for regular polishing by imparting outstanding shine on paintwork, glass, chromes and alloys.

Directions for use: Simply rinse away any road film from your vehicle, add a small amount of Pearl Shine shampoo to cover the base of your bucket and top up with water. Using a clean sponge wash the whole exterior of your vehicle, ensuring to cover all painted surfaces, glass, bumpers and wheel trims. Rinse off thoroughly. Pearl Shine Shampoo is also ideal for using through a pressure washer

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £3.40 + VAT


Pearl Aqua Polish is a unique formula which has been formulated for fast action polishing. Pearl Aqua Polish brings speed and quality to the market place with the latest breakthrough in valeting technology. Enabling the whole vehicle exterior to be polished even when its raining outside, through its shampoo like application giving a high gloss showroom finish in a fraction of the time conventional polishes take -absolutely free from smears or residue and imparts excellent glass rain repellence, ideal for private and commercial use.

Directions for use: Simply wash your vehicle with a quality shampoo like Automotion Shine Shampoo, add a small amount of Pearl Aqua Polish to cover the base of your bucket and top up with water. Using a clean sponge apply Pearl Aqua Polish solution ensuring to cover all painted, chrome and glass surfaces. Rinse off thoroughly. Dry off with a slightly dampened microfibre cloth to remove any water marks - leaving a deep polished shine in a fraction of the time. Due to the fact you are polishing and not cleaning with Aqua Polish this first class concentrate not only gives outstanding results but is extremely cost effective.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £4.40 + VAT


Pearl Pro-Shine is the ultimate showroom shine car and motorbike polish uniquely formulated to enhance our revolutionary Pearl Shine to achieve a truly remarkable, smear-free, showroom finish from your very first application. Unlike all other conventional car polishes and waxes, Pearl Pro Shine gives the ultimate showroom shine in literally seconds, without the headache of having to painstakingly remove any residue left after you have finished. Used by the valeting professionals for Pro car polishing and detailing because "quite simply car polish technology is taken to new heights". Breathtaking results achieved on new cars, old cars, classic cars, vintage cars, elite cars and motorcycles.  Unique capabilty gives superior paintwork shine removing fine scratches when used as final polish appliction with Buffing and Mopping (Orbital Machine Polishing Devices) - Complete even deep shine with absolutely no spatter mess to clean like created with inferior conventional products.  Superior on and off and no drying time application provides superior fix for showroom, exhibition and show demands.

Directions for use: Quick and easy you simply spray a small amount of Pro Shine onto a clean dry cloth and a light mist onto a panel of your vehicle. Using your moistened cloth gently work the sprayed Pro-Shine to cover the whole of the panel, before quickly buffing with a dry, clean soft cloth. Continue this effortless process until you have completed the whole of your vehicle. To use as final application when buffing or mopping simply spray a light mist onto target area and using buffer device work ProShine over area and once completed simply wipe over with a microfibre cloth to leave a truly remarkable and completely even finish.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £5.95 + VAT


Pearl Body Shop Polish is a fast reacting and easy-to-apply polish that has been specially formulated to impart a smear free finish to all exterior paint work finishes. Contains Montan Wax which improves scuff resistance, increases water repellance and imparts a high gloss finish - ideal for body shops as it contains no silicone and is used nationally in numerous vehicle repair centres.

Directions for use: Ensure surface is clean and dry prior to application. Shake bottle well and apply polish to each panel with a cloth using a circular motion. Remove by buffing with a dry soft cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

5 LITRE bottle OUR PRICE £25.52 + VAT


Pearl Prestige Cut And Polish is a unique medium duty polishing and cleaning compound formulated to effortlessly remove surface contaminants and oxidation that cannot be removed from paintwork by normal washing. This first class Cut and Polish restores weathered paintwork producing a deep gloss shine. Also can be used as an excellent foundation for the application of waxes, sealants and detailing polishes.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Vehicle should be clean and dry prior to polish application. Apply polish to each panel with a dry lint free cloth working polish onto painted surface using small circular motion. Allow to dry and then polish off to shine with a dry soft cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £8.69 + VAT


Pearl Chrome Polish is a totally unique non abrasive chrome polishing formula which imparts a superior shine to all chrome surfaces including car and motorcycle exhaust pipes, bumpers, mirrors and trims. Effortlessly removes oxidants, exhaust fume stains and tarnish to leave a blemish free showroom shine. Fast action application ensures detailing perfection superb for showroom, exhibitions and shows.

Directions: Apply using a soft clean cloth to chrome surface using even circular motion and allow to dry. Polish off using a soft clean cloth.

500ml bottle OUR PRICE £4.44 + VAT


Pearl High Gloss Rinse is a scientifically engineered protective coating that actually bonds to the painted surface to give a high-gloss finish and provide a protective barrier against environmental pollutants and ultra violet light. To achieve maximum rewards pre wash car exterior with wash and wax (ideally Pearl shine shampoo) and then pressure lance on Pearl High Gloss Rinse to cover whole of vehicle giving superior showroom high gloss finish in minutes.

Directions for use: Dilute 1 part in 100 parts water and use as required through a pressure washer or through up and over car wash system.

5 LITRE bottle OUR PRICE £14.16 + VAT


Pearl Traffic Film Remover - effortlessly removes heavy duty ingrained traffic film. A first class all round performance that is gentle on paintworks, Chromes and Alloys, but tough on dirt, grime and grease.

Directions for use: Dilute 1-2% and apply with a sponge or through a pressure washer. Regulate the detergent valve until the flow is sufficient to clean to the required standard. It is most important to avoid excessive feed rates as this can result in damaged paint work. The dilution required depends on the hardness of water, machine type and severity of soiling. A general guide may be taken that used through a high pressure unit 1-2%, brush wash and automatic wash 1%.

5 LITRE bottle OUR PRICE £5.95 + VAT


Pearl Vision Screen Wash  has been specifically developed to effectively clean windscreens and enhance the performance of silicone wiper blades, ensuring visibility is maintained all year round. Elimnates wiper judder, extending life span of wiper and ensuring maximum visibility through front and rear windscreens. Effortlessly removes traffice film, grime, grease, bird lime, insects and flies.

Directions for use: Add to washer at the rate of 2 capfuls to 1 litre of water. If at all possible empty any current screen wash remaining in the wash reservoir. Ensure to top up solution when level low.

350ml bottle OUR PRICE £5.10 + VAT




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