Evolution Chips Genius Unit OBD Remapping

7 day money back guarantee

What is Remapping?


Are you aware that the engine fitted to your car has had its intended response and power output intentionally restricted by its manufacturer?

This is due to them having to cater for drivers who insist on using sub standard fuels or refuse to adhere to service schedules. Sometimes it is also restricted purely for marketing reasons, often just to drop an engines power output into a certain class. This is common with vehicles powered by Turbo diesels that are popular with fleet buyers for fuel economy purposes.

The good news is, you don't have to keep these restrictions in place. If you wish to have them removed then you simply need your ECU chips remapping. This can usually be done via your OBD port and thus leaves no trace of the turbo diesel remapping or petrol performance remapping having been done.

Established in March 2000, Evolution Chips™ are based in Blackpool, Lancashire and are fully established as one of Europe’s premier performance remapping companies, having been remapping vehicles since the company's conception.

We supply tuned engine management software (Often called ecu chips) for virtually all cars on the market today, so no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we will most likely be able to improve your engines power, torque and fuel economy for you.

AutomotionUk is one of Evolution Chips' approved MOBILE installers........We come to you!! We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our remap's and ecu chips as well as a seven day no quibble money back guarantee, and even a fuel economy improvement guarantee on any turbo diesel remapping, so it has never been easier or safer to equip your car with an Evolution Chips remap.

So... How do we do it?

All our re-mapping and ECU tuning starts with us test driving the car and reading the management with an appropriate scanner to ensure the vehicle is already doing what it should do and is in a healthy state. There is no point performing any ECU tuning or fitting and kind of performance chips to a faulty car of course.

If all is well, we will then proceed down one of two different routes, we will either extract a copy of your ecu software via the vehicles on board diagnostic port and transfer it to the PC for recalibration, or we will physically remove the ecu and unsolder the correct chips from within it and then use a programmer to read and save a copy of its contents onto a PC. Generally speaking, on vehicles prior to 1995 we will remove the chips, and on vehicles from 1995> present day we will do all the work via the diagnostic port on the vehicle.

After archiving your original file for safekeeping, we will then set to work optimising the contents of the program, carefully tuning ecu parameters such as:

· Fuel maps.

· Boost pressure maps.

· Cam timing maps.

· Spark timing maps.

· Smoke limiting Maps.

· Injection Correction Maps.

· Over-boost timing maps.

· Engine and road Speed limiting maps.

· To name but a few.

The new optimised data will be programmed back onto a new EPROM thus creating your new performance chips. These performance chips will be soldered back into the ecu, or it will be transferred back into the ecu via the diagnostic port again if the vehicle is so equipped.