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Turbo Petrol Tuning.

We supply and fit engine performance chips and can perform an OBD performance remap on most petrol turbo powered vehicles. We only supply genuine Evolution Chips and we offer a mobile service, we come to you!

The modern turbocharged petrol engine is a fantastic base for tuning and they generally respond extremely well indeed. Most engines require just an Evolution Chips performance remap
(or engine performance chips when not OBD Equipped) fitting to achieve some great power and torque gains. We're experts when it comes to carrying out a performance remap, turbo petrol tuning or fitting our engine performance chips.

Your Turbo Petrol powered vehicle will benefit from:

· More Horsepower.

· More Torque.

· Improved throttle response.

· Smoother power delivery.

· Safer overtaking.

The improvements above are all achieved by very careful matching of parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates & Ignition timing along with adjustments to maps that electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed.

All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised to our exacting standards and then programmed back into your ECU. The vehicle is then tested before we send you on your way with a lifetime warranty on the product, and a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee.

If you're worried about insurance, don't be. We are backed by one of the UK's leading performance car insurers who are happy to quote all cars modified by an authorised Evolution Chips dealer such as AutomotionUK as a standard unmodified car with no premium hike. Look on our insurance page for a quote today.

In most cases your vehicles ECU will be reprogrammed using the latest flash remapping technology meaning that we can send the new performance remap into the ECU via its on board diagnostics port (OBD) or alternative serial programming port. This means we don't have to even remove your ECU from the car and there are no external signs of tampering or parts added to the vehicle whatsoever. The perfect remapping solution. If your vehicle doesn't have this facility, don't worry, we can still fit our engine performance chips to your ECU so you can still benefit from our turbo petrol tuning expertise.

With an average price of only £359 including all parts, labour and vat, can you afford NOT to have a performance remap?

As a final note, please take a look at our "why choose us" page to ensure you don't fall into the trap of buying from a company that may damage your vehicle. Evolution Chips are the UKs most trusted remapping company and have been supplying the retail and trade with optimised ECU calibrations for over 8 years which is why we at AutomotionUK chose them to be our only supplier. Please take care out there, don't be fooled by glossy web sites and low prices. This is a high tech industry that requires both heavy investment and technical ability.

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