RAC tyre pressure and depth kit

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Look after your tyres with an RAC Tyre Service Kit


Digital tyre pressure gauge ( Range 0-100 PSI, )-6.90 BAR )

Tyre tread depth gauge (graduated from 0 - 24mm with a mark at the current legal limit of 1.6mm)

Tyre Valve Tool ( enabling the threads to be cleared and for extracting valve cores)

Tyre Valve caps (For replacing missing valve caps)


Tyre Care information.

Correct tyre pressure can help to extend the life of your tyre, improve vehicle safety and maintain fuel efficiency. Pressure is measured by calculating the amount of air that has been pumped into your tyre in pounds force(PSI) or BAR pressure. Always check the tyre pressure with a tyre pressure gauge when your tyres are cold. Finally, if you are using your vehicle to carry additional load or weight, always consult your vehicle handbook for the correct loaded tyre pressure.

Safety First! Tyres that are under inflated can overheat; and over inflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling on the road.

Economy Over or under inflated tyres suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure and need to be replaced more regularly. Vehicles with under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance that require more fuel to maintain the same speed.

The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. A regular check of your tyres using the RAC Tyre Service Kit will help you to avoid 3 penalty points and up to £2,500 in fines (per tyre!) for having tyres worn beyond the legal minimum limit on your vehicle.


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