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Vi monitor

VI monitor

VI monitor

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Vi Engine Monitoring


VI Monitor is the leading engine monitoring, diagnostic and performance data correlation device available. VI Monitor will allow you to not only monitor and analyse data and engine functions from the ECU, normally reserved for garages with expensive diagnostic equipment, but it will also check vehicle fault codes and resets them when applicable. VI Monitor also enables you to gauge your vehicles performance characteristics including G measurements, timing readouts and Dyno testing. VI Monitor has the ability to record up to 500 hours of data and compare it on the sophisticated VI desktop software.

The VI Monitor works by reading the data stream from the engine management system (ECU), via the OBDII (also referred to as "OBD 2" or "OBD-2") port, and displays the parameters on a high resolution 3.5" touch screen.

With newer vehicles becoming more and more electronically advanced, it is becoming harder to give the enthusiast the information they want....

VI Monitor gives you that information.






Real time monitoring of up to 15 parameters ** on 3 individual gauges

Monitor various parameters like speed, revs, engine load, water temperatures and pressures as well as many more* on 3 individual easy to read gauges.

Self-damping 3 Axis G-Sensor

Highly accurate G-Sensor with built-in damping for smoothness monitors acceleration, braking and cornering G forces. Also records maximum G readings.

Data Logging

Record hours of engine and performance data on any three parameters for review. Then upload your runs to the computer for further comparison. Ideal for measuring the effectiveness of engine modifications, and recording circuit or drag race performance.

Lap timing

Simple stop/start lap timing feature allows you to record lap times of any given session for later comparison on computer.

Dyno Testing

Using a built-in Virtual Dynamometer, VI can test your vehicle’s true net horsepower in real-world conditions.

Performance Tests for Both Acceleration and Braking

Perform breaking and acceleration tests such as 0-60, 1/4 mile and 0–60–0 to measure your car’s true performance potential. Most tests can be G triggered for unparalleled accuracy. Each test is recorded for future comparison.


Descriptive Fault Code diagnostics

Got an Engine Check light, but don’t know why? VI will not only give you the fault code number, but will also give you a description of the problem; arming you with more information to take to your garage and limiting the cost of expensive diagnostics. ***

MIL Stats

Even though VI allows you to reset fault codes yourself, it will maintain all MIL Stats including time and distance since the engine check light was activated or reset. ***

V.I.D. Comparison Software

VI Monitor ships with VI Application software for downloading and comparing data off of your VI. Compare up to four Performance tests of the same type as well as hours of logged data for unlimited parameters in Monitor mode.

Powering the VI

VI takes its power directly from the OBD-II, so there is no need to plug in a cable to the cigarette lighter socket. Having just one cable (OBD-II) for all of it's needs reduces clutter in the vehicle.

*Check with your vehicle manufacturer to confirm OBD II compliance.  **Parameters available dependant on vehicle.   *** Dependent on vehicle